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Twenty years ago, Canadian artisan James M. Brooks founded Bike Leather Co. in Toronto Canada where he began his business crafting one-of-a-kind belts. From classic to funky, “Bike Leather” Belts were the hit accessory for the specialty jeans stores of downtown Toronto.

The Queen St. West scene spawned a line of belts and bags with a look of the classic/industrial combo, rivets over stitching, designed to be durable with a bold fashion sense. The bulletproof appearance of this early collection suited the 80’s genre.

James moved to a rural village where he now works from his studio and production workshop in Chelsea, Quebec designing and creating unique pieces for his select clients.

JMB pieces promise style and dedication to quality, produced with pride and superior craftsmanship.

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This bag is for life.

JMB bags are made in Canada

Each piece is carefully designed with consideration to minimise the number of stitched panels and limit the use of hardware. Simplicity, form and function are our primary esthetic goals. All of the work is bench-made in very limited production runs. Our leather is of the highest grade vegetable-tanned product imported from south america and Europe. We choose solid brass and stainless steel harness hardware for our buckles and fasteners to deliver the highest performance and longevity in all the functional hardware used in our products.

The soul of the creator and the hand of the craftsman is in each and every piece.
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